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1. Legal Notice

1.1. psychology-spot.blogspot.com expressly disclaims all liability for any damage, loss or injury as a result of the activities of any visitor to the Site and the use that can give its content.

1.2. psychology-spot.blogspot.com is not responsible for what You can do with the information and links on this site.

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1.5. psychology-spot.blogspot.com reserves the right to accept or delete any comment posted on the Site.

1.6. psychology-spot.blogspot.com is not intended to replace professional treatment, if you know or suspect you have a psychological problem, we strongly recommend you go to see a professional of Psychology. The information collected here are purely informative, they are not a treatment itself and should not be understood as such.

1.7. You acknowledge having read these terms of general use, accepting them in accordance with all its terms and conditions. You agree not to use the Site for illegal and unauthorized purpose and / or distort the statements of these conditions.

2. Privacy Policy

In psychology-spot.blogspot.com we value the privacy of our readers / users / advertisers so it is important to know how we collect, store and use the information we collect through the different services offered and / or pages available on this site.

Please read the following to learn how we handle information, including what type of data we collect, how we use it and for what purpose, to whom the information, and how we safeguard your personal information. Please also keep in mind the Google Privacy Policy, as access to psychology-spot.blogspot.com indirectly constitutes acceptance of them, in all its terms and conditions.

2.1. Users agree and acknowledge that advertising provided by advertisers on psychology-spot.blogspot.com may involve the use of Cookies and Web Beacons for information, both on the site psychology-spot.blogspot.com, as at the sites of the respective advertisers.

2.2. Cookies, Web Beacons, Dart Cookie and other technologies:

As is standard practice on many websites, psychology-spot.blogspot.com uses 'cookies' and other technologies to help us understand which parts of our website are most popular, where our visitors are going and how long they stay there.

We also use cookies and other technologies to ensure that our advertisers advertising on the Internet, do get compliance products and services required by Google in its Adsense Program Policy. We use cookies and other technologies to study traffic patterns on our website, so that your visits are even more rewarding.

psychology-spot.blogspot.com can also use cookies to track your visits to our Site. We may collect information, including IP address, such as personal identification. However, this information will only be used for analytical purposes and limited to the minimum necessary to carry out the analysis.

If you do not want psychology-spot.blogspot.com deploy cookies in your browser, you can configure it to reject cookies or to inform you when a Web site tries to place a cookie on the browser software.

2.3. psychology-spot.blogspot.com can also use small images of a pixel by pixel or Web Beacons (visible or invisible) that inform us what parts of the website are visited more often and measure the effectiveness of searches customers perform on our site . Web beacons are used in a manner similar to cookies.

psychology-spot.blogspot.com uses the following services and / or resources that may use cookies or Web beacons to analyze what happens in our pages:

* Histats

* Google Adsense

2.4. DART cookie:

- Google, as a third party vendor, uses cookies to serve ads on psychology-spot.blogspot.com

- You can disable the use of the DART cookie Google ad system accessing Google Privacy Center.

3. Other aspects of privacy

3.1. If you use the comments / trackbacks psychology-spot.blogspot.com, you should be aware that any information you post will be available to other readers / users / advertisers. The distinctive personal information you submit to these can be read, collected or used by other readers / users / advertisers.

3.2. psychology-spot.blogspot.com is not responsible for personal information you choose to publish, this is considered public and not confidential.

3.3. In some cases, psychology-spot.blogspot.com shares information about visitors to this site anonymously or aggregated with third parties as advertisers, sponsors or auditors with the sole purpose of improving our services. All these processing tasks will be regulated according to the laws and all their rights will be respected in the protection of data in accordance with current regulations.

3.4. This site also can host its own advertising, affiliate or advertising networks. This advertisement is shown through servers that also use cookies to display content related advertising to users. Each of these servers advertising has its own privacy policy, which can be consulted on their own web pages.

4. Content License

4.1. psychology-spot.blogspot.com is under Creative Commons license that allows the use of the contents (texts) for non-commercial purposes, requiring only the attribution to the author with a direct link to the original input.

4.1.1. psychology-spot.blogspot.com has been created with the aim of promoting culture and psychological knowledge so some of his texts are references to scientific research that has been done by other people, expressing his ideas and not those of the author. Normally these texts can be distinguished from the original texts to 100% of the author as footnotes sources which have been taken are cited.

4.1.2. Some texts may be outdated, please, before making use of them, assess the date of bibliographic sources used. Psychology data, statistical or specifically those that refer to some theories, may vary.

4.2. psychology-spot.blogspot.com doesn’t attribute itself any ownership rights over any of the images displayed on the site, or any other material than the texts cited in the above (4.1). Please, if any of these properties violates copyright, contact us and we will remove it immediately.

5. Policy Changes

psychology-spot.blogspot.com reserves the right to modify all or part of these conditions as it deems necessary and without notice. In the event that a major change is implemented in the Privacy Policy, a notice will be posted on this Site.


psychology-spot.blogspot.com legally belongs to INTEXTOS. If you have questions about privacy issues, copyright or policies of the Site, you can contact the responsible via email [email protected]
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