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I am a psychologist and I spent several years writing articles for scientific journals specialized in Health and Psychology , it is not my intention to place here a long resume that would result boring and also, in this site you may find all the information you need about me. Thus, among the scientific vocabulary and the rigid writing style that publishers impose, I have been accumulating the irresistible desire to write freely, both for professionals of the psyche and students, and even for those who may have some difficulty dealing with psychological topics.

Precisely, this is the intention inspiring the blog name: "Psychology Spot", a plural space where you can find various articles for a well-mixed audience.

This is a blog that aims to become a haven for joint reflection. It tries to take a break in the giddiness of everyday life and tries also, as psychotherapist, creating moments of personalized introspection. Here you won’t find perfectly ineffective advices but a path leading you to think and decide autonomously. 

This space won’t promise us a simple journey but presents a number of issues that will allow us to rebuild ourselves and face the challenges of everyday life from a different and more positive outlook. It is, above all, a site designed to communicate a firmly belief: that it is never enough to talk, that we need to be heard but that’s not enough too, we must also be understood and accepted.

Here I give you a few lines from the poem "In Defence of Joy" by Mario Benedetti, enclosing the feel of each of the readings contained in the blog:

Defend joy as a trench

defend it from scandal and routine

from misery and miserables

from temporary absences

and from definitive ones.

Defend joy as a Right 

defend it from God and winter

from capital letters and death

from surnames and sorrows

from chance

and from joy itself.

My best Greetings to all the new visitors who hope to become part of our community and a special thanks to all those who follow me, they are a boost to continue writing.

Jennifer Delgado Suárez
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