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Be emotionally strong does not mean resist but know how to "reload"

The world made us believe that being strong means being able to withstand more. The more we commit ourselves the more we become strong. There comes the point where forces abandon us, but there is always something that pushes us forward, we can’t fail. In fact, in recent years, also the publicity begun to play with this idea recommending us to consume energizers, particular foods and vitamins, because slowing down and have a rest is not a good thing. So everything around us sends us the message we can’t stop and take a break, we need to move on, because that means that we are strong.

This message is totally wrong!

Stronger people are not the ones who resist most, but those who have learned to reload. If we are deprived of our part of rest and do not allow us time to recover, we will become weaker and less productive. To keep the balance and do not damage our brains, we need to relax and take a break. If we go always to the limit we will end up paying for the consequences, both physically and emotionally.

If you don’t rest your productivity and efficiency decrease

In fact, the point is not simply producing, but being effective, which means doing any activity without that this become an excessive task. To achieve this, it is essential that both our body and our mind are rested. If we are lacking in sleep, for example, we will probably be able to finish the project we are working on, but the quality will not be the same as we will not give 100% of us.

Moreover, if you do not rest enough, the fatigue builds up and cognitive performance decreases, so that all the tasks you do everyday will seem titanic. Lack of sleep also affects the decision-making process, making us take hasty decisions without properly assessing the consequences.

On the contrary, if you rest enough, not only you can do more, but you can also do things with less effort and of course you will feel much better.

Go away from your work and concerns

True rest does not just mean leaving the office, go home, and plunge on the sofa. You have to let the mind recover, which means you need to get rid of your worries. Concerns are like a heavy burden that keeps the brain constantly active, preventing the neural network from assuming the control, which is essential for a true rest.

Therefore, it is desirable to give your mind a rest period to get rid of worries. You can choose to do something fun or creative, make mindfulness meditation or dedicate at least one hour a day to your passions. When we do something we like our brain releases dopamine, which helps us relax and gives us an incredible sense of well-being. And this is essential to move forward and face the challenges and adversities of life.

Take the time to recover and start over again

Often when we pass through a difficult situation, such as the breakup of a relationship or the death of a loved one, people around us encourage us to return quickly to our normal life. However, each of us has its own rhythm, and before making important decisions, it is best to indulge in some rest to allow the wounds to heal. Returning to the daily routine with emotional wounds still "open" increases the risk that they open up to the slightest mishap. A little common sense is sufficient, but sometimes the pressure of the others forces us to "recover" too quickly.

When you go through a difficult situation, it is good to remember that there is no need to run or prove anything to anyone. Take the time to heal, rediscover your passions, rethink some aspects of your life and learn to live with the loss and overcome adversity.

Finally, remember that to take care of your mental and physical health, rest is essential. We are not obliged to follow a frantic lifestyle or drive always in the fast lane. Whenever you need it, take a break and reload. Pushing yourself to the limit is not a good idea, you need to keep a balance. The fact that you need to rest does not mean that you are weak. Remember that the important thing is not getting farther and faster, but enjoying the journey. And for this, sometimes you have to stop or even take a step back.


Keep feeding your neurons

Be emotionally strong does not mean resist but know how to "reload"
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