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We receive what we give, is the message of this video


Some call it karma, others justice, but the truth is that for the rest of our lives we only collect what we sowed. Sometimes we are not fully aware of it, because the results are not immediately clear, but our attitude toward life and the decisions we take shape our destiny.

This is one of the readings that can be given to this wonderful video, which corresponds to the song "Goodbye" of the Icelandic indie rock group Dikta, and is part of the album "Get it together" of 2010.

Don’t worry about what you will receive, but about what you give

According to Taoism, karma has nothing to do with punishment and rewards, it is not a moral law. In fact, this word simply means "conditioning action"; that is, actions that go against the natural flow of things.

We get trapped into karma when we interfere in the world, because in this way we must continue to interfere, so the solution to a problem creates even more problems to solve, controlling one thing generates the need to control others. Bad karma is nothing more than the traps we put to ourselves, of which we fall prisoners.

Therefore, we do not have to worry about what we will receive, but to what we give. We should not cling obsessively to things, preventing the natural change, but we must learn to let go, to flow with everything.

How apply this in our daily lives? These five laws of karma explain it to us:

1. Law of cause and effect. You will gather what you sow because what you give to the Universe, in one way or another, it will be given you back. It's not a punishment, it's just the energy cycle. If you sow wind you will gather storms.

2. Law of humility or change. All you refuse to accept will continue to happen, simply because it is a learning opportunity that you are wasting. Once again, this is not a punishment, but the opportunity to grow and learn from your mistake. History and problems will repeat until you learn the lesson.

3. Law of the growth. You can’t escape from yourself. Since the situations that you are experiencing have been caused by you, in one way or another, you don’t have to worry about changing the people around you, but have to focus on inner change.

4. Law of the responsibility. Every time something bad happens to you, it is because somehow it reflects what you have done or thought in the past. So, instead of pointing your finger at others you should check what's inside of you and determine how you've contributed to the birth of this problem.

5. Law of the connection. Each step leads to the next, and so on. One is no longer important than the others, any small decision, even banal, can lead you in a different direction. Since everything is connected, we must also pay attention to our most insignificant actions.


Keep feeding your neurons

We receive what we give, is the message of this video

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