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There is no a "lack of time", but only a lack of interest

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"I'm sorry, I don't have time," is an excuse that we probably have heard more than once, and we probably also used. However, it‘s only that, an excuse, because the truth is that there is no a lack of time, but a lack of interest.

When something does not interest us, when simply does not attract our attention or we do not like it, it is much easier for us to hide it behind obligations and daily activities. But when we are really interested and passionate about something, we make sure that it fits perfectly into our agenda, as if it were a huge puzzle, and we find the time for it.

When we lie to ourselves

The day has 24 hours, we can’t extend it, but we can rearrange our schedule so to have the time to carry out important activities. If we don’t do it, it is because something in our unconscious drives us in another direction.

For example, when we postpone constantly a decision and say that we have no time to inform us better, it is usually because our deeper “self” is afraid to take the plunge, perhaps because we feel that we are not ready. It may also be because it does not really interest us, we feel so good in our comfort zone that we do not want to change and then, we lie saying that we have no time.

But lying to ourselves is a dangerous game, because we can end up making decisions of which we repent later, simply because we get carried away by circumstances or because we were forced to decide at the last minute. So next time you think you have little time, think a moment about what can hide this sentence.

Consider that to hide, suppress or mask certain ideas and feelings to our conscious “self”, we need to make a great mental effort that becomes very tiring. Lying to ourselves is exhausting.

Being honest with yourself will avoid you this problem. Instead of saying that you have no time, that you'll do it tomorrow or maybe next month, just accept that this is something that does not interest you or for which you are not ready, close a chapter and go forward, with less stress and worry. You’ll take away from yourself a great weight.

Engage in what makes you really happy

In life, your most valuable asset is time. You can share it with people you like and make you happy or invest it in those things that make you vibrate and you’re really passionate about.

This means you do not have to meet all the social expectations, you should just compromise with those values ​​that are important to you, with what you really identify.

Remember that living constantly in the fast lane, going from a compromise to another, from a project to the next and from one relationship to a new one, prevents you from connecting with your essence and you’ll finish losing yourself gradually.

Sometimes you just have to let yourself time to think, to determine what you really want and, above all, to decide where to invest the minutes and the hours that you have. Because are limited.


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There is no a "lack of time", but only a lack of interest
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