Friday, April 28, 2017

Bibo: The exciting video that teaches how to value small daily habits


During the day we are often engaged in different routines, many of which are so automated that we almost do not realize their existence or appreciate them enough. But when they are gone, we miss them and leave an unmistakable void within us.

Habits like kissing your partner before going to work, sharing a tea or coffee with a friend, taking a walk with our dog, or having dinner with your partner every day, are the little things that fill our day and, in a broader sense, even our lives.

Unfortunately, we are not always aware of the importance of those small details and put our life in standby until the big hit hits us or we reach those desired results. We do not realize that the things we already have are more than enough to make us happy.

This wonderful and award-winning video titled "Bibo" refers to the small habits of our everyday life. Created by Anton Chistiakov and Mikhail Dmitriev, it is based on Ray Bradbury's story "There will be soft rains".

This is the story of a robot that was designed to sell ice cream. However, the buoy ride that takes place at the end of the story will allow us to fully identify with the character.

After seeing the video we can ask: if we were in the place of the robot what would be the day we would like to repeat?

You'll probably be surprised to find out that it's a common day of your life, when everything was fine. And it is also likely that day you were not even aware of how fortunate you were.

Maybe you can’t live that day once again, but remember that every day you have the chance to create those special days. Do not waste it.


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Bibo: The exciting video that teaches how to value small daily habits

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