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This exciting video teaches us that "love it’s not giving what is remnant, but share what is just sufficient"

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Love is one of the deepest feelings we can experience, both for the partner, children, or parents, or even a pet. Love, when it is genuine, not only fills us, it changes us completely turning us into better people.

One of the wonders of love is that it allows us expand our boundaries beyond imagination, because we realize that the real pleasure lies in giving, helping the others, even if that means doing "sacrifices".

This beautiful and moving video is about the love of a father for his daughter, and it is a true story.

The true story that inspired the video

In 2005 the director Shi Qian visited the Museum of Childhood in Edinburgh. The collection was made up of many dolls and toys that belonged to children of other ages.

However, among all those toys he saw a very special doll that caught his attention. It was not as beautiful as the others, the finishing was absolutely poor and did not have the same bright colors as others dolls, but even so, it could have been the highlight of the museum.

It was a doll made with a shoe and its description said: "Doll made with a shoe that belonged to a poor child of London in 1905". Since that time, the director could not stop imagining how it was the life of that child and her parents.

Without thinking it twice, he decided to realize an short video titled simply the "shoe", which tells the story as he imagined it. The video received numerous awards, including "The Best Student Film of BAF08" and "MX Award" in TAF2010.

3 Life Lessons

1. Love is giving, not asking. Immature love is selfish and demanding, mature love offers itself. However, this offer is not a sacrifice in the most literal sense of the term, because we are immensely glad to make happy the person we love.

2. Sometimes very little means a lot. And are not material things, but the story behind them, that makes them special. For this in life it’s not important to have more, but to appreciate more what we have, giving it a value and a meaning.

3. We’re never too poor not to have something to give. If we look carefully within us, we will realize that we always have something to give: love, understanding, support... These feelings are more important than any properties, because help to heal emotional wounds.


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This exciting video teaches us that "love it’s not giving what is remnant, but share what is just sufficient"
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