Thursday, March 30, 2017

"The Misguided Monk": After this video you'll see life through different eyes


Sometimes we are too immersed in the problems of everyday life, the little mishaps absorb us so much that we lose the sight of the things that are really important and, when we realize it, is too late.

This short video entitled "The Misguided Monk" was produced by Tom Long as the final project of his specialization in 3D animation at the Southampton Solent University. The protagonist is a Buddhist hermit who one day, while practicing his spiritual exercises, is interrupted by an unexpected guest. The journey that offers us is very tender and invites us to reflect on what we are doing of our lives and the way we use the limited time we have.

"Carpe diem", seize the moment because we won’t have always a second chance

We often act as the Monk of this story: let that some things, such as work and the small details of daily life, fully absorb our lives, to the point that there is no room left for anything else. We confuse the “serious” things with the “important” ones and fall into the error of thinking that whatever occupies our time is significant.

Allowing stress to dominate us and identifying ourselves with the daily routine, we end up reacting like the monk of the video and after we repent. We are not able to be fully present when someone we love needs us.

But we must remember that we will not be always as lucky as the monk. Sometimes we do not have the opportunity to fix what we did wrong because life takes away from us the people we love.

Therefore, it is important to be fully aware that life is here and now. Don’t wait until tomorrow to show someone how much you love him, don’t let the things that do not bring anything to you consume all your time and energy. Learn to live fully every moment with the others and valorize those who give you their time because are giving to you their most valuable asset. Make sure you are fully present because that gift is transformed into a special memory.

Life can’t be a succession of small habits that do not bring you anything, every day you have to decide what is more important to you and give it priority. Imagine your life as a crystal bottle that you must fill. If you fill it with sand it won’t be left room for anything else. But if you put in golf balls first, for example, there will be space for smaller objects. The golf balls are the important people in your life and the things you're passionate about, while sand is all the little insignificant details that don’t mean anything.

Only by following this philosophy you can live with no regrets, and when it comes the time to look back, you will see a meaningful life.


Keep feeding your neurons

"The Misguided Monk": After this video you'll see life through different eyes

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