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A video shows how the society steals to children their creativity


Creativity is one of the qualities that society values the ​​more, but it is also one of the rarest. It is not unusual that the school is the main responsible of tearing it from children from early childhood.

In fact, creativity is not simply the ability to connect the different elements to create something original and new, creativity is also:

- Daring to be different

- Risking and go beyond the limits

- Trusting the instinct

- Being authentic

- Developing a different outlook of life

Unfortunately, many schools are structured as to transmit only existing concepts and theories, without promoting the reflection. Children should only copy and save, there is no room for creation.

At home, the situation is not much different as parents require their children to get good grades at school, that means following the rules of a school education that ignores individuality.

So, at some point it is produced a phenomenon that could be called "ego amputation". The child gradually adapts to his environment, abandons his dreams and starts to respect the rules imposed by the society because understands that in this way he will be accepted and loved. Thus it is considerably reduced his "self".

Phrases such as "this is not the right answer", "playing is a waste of time" or "this is not logical" imply that creativity doesn’t fit in the overall scheme of the world. So children end up also losing fantasy, imagination and joy, then it is not surprising that they turn into gray adults who feel trapped in a job that don’t like.

We should go to school by adults, not when we’re children

Each child is unique and special. You can’t judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, because it will live all its life thinking to be stupid.

The relationship with children should not be made of impositions, but discoveries. We must not impose what they should do, but help them discover who they are and want to be. Parents and teachers should be guidance, companions of exploration and adventure, rather than people responsible to establish impossible standards.

This beautiful short video shows how we tear the creativity from children and makes us think. It is an animated co-production directed by Rafa Cano Méndez and Daniel Martínez Lara who received the Goya Award for the best animated short video. Check it out, because every minute is worth it.


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A video shows how the society steals to children their creativity

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