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10 signs that you don’t love yourself


Life is too short to waste it worrying about what others think. When we feel confident of ourselves and project an image of confidence and serenity, the other people are those who want to be on our side. On the contrary, when we try desperately to get their approval we become people without character, who do not know what they want and whose happiness depends on others.

Therefore, it is important to pay attention to small signs that we do not love ourselves enough, we do not accept ourselves as we are, maybe because we feel inadequate or think of not being enough capable.

But remember that because the others accept you, you must first accept yourself, before others love you, you must love yourself first. The work begins at home.

Who doesn’t accept himself can not love himself too, and who doesn't love himself can't love others

1. You do not feel free to be who you are. If you don’t think you're good enough, you probably do not feel free to show how you are because you feel ashamed, as a result, you burn a lot of energy trying to be someone you're not, just to please others and get their approval.

2. You do not spend time alone. If you always need to be surrounded by people, because you don’t feel well alone, it is likely that you feel uncomfortable with yourself and it bothers you what you see when you search within yourself. In this case, it is necessary that you learn to appreciate and enjoy your company.

3. You do not express your ideas. If you always conform yourself to the opinions of the others, even when you disagree with them, it is likely that in the bottom hides the lack of self-esteem. Maybe you think that your ideas are not interesting enough to be considered, or you’re afraid to express them.

4. You do not “pamper” yourself. Inside us lives a small child who needs to be comforted and pampered constantly. Whenever you pamper and satisfy your whim, you're saying to you that you consider yourself valuable, worthy of these small pleasures, if you don’t do it, it's probably because you do not feel good about yourself.

5. You don’t appreciate your achievements. Very few people manage to win the Nobel prize, but each person is valuable and contributes in some way to the environment in which he lives. If you can not see your results, it might be because you do not love yourself enough and tend to play down everything you do.

6. You treat yourself too harshly. Criticize ourselves is good, it allows us to discover our mistakes and grow. However, being overly harsh in judging us, to the point of denígrate ourselves, simply indicates that we don’t love ourselves, and punish us for being who we are.

7. You do not care your body. The body is our temple, we should not be too much obsessed to have a perfect figure, but we should not neglect physical activity and diet neither. The lack of personal care often indicates a lack of deeper love, it says we don’t think we deserve to devote time and effort to ourselves.

8. You don’t motivate yourself. We can all fail, but the difference between those who achieve their goals and those who stop halfway is self-confidence and the ability to self-motivate yourself when things go wrong. Of course, it is not to become a naive optimist, but to find those keys that motivate us and learn how to use them when we need an extra dose of motivation.

9. You do not trust yourself. Self-confidence is essential to develop a healthy self-esteem. People who do not love each other don’t even have enough trust in their abilities and despise frequently. So far, if you often say to yourself that you can’t do it, that your uncapable, these are warning signs to indicate that you have to change the relationship you have with yourself.

10. You do not open yourself to others. People who do not love themselves enough usually have difficulties in opening to others and to compromise in relationships. Because they think they do not deserve love, they close in their shells so that no one can discover this lack of self-esteem.


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10 signs that you don’t love yourself
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