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Study psychology

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The question wuld rather be: Why I want to study psychology? And then the world of our motivations unfolds before us, quite turbulent and sometimes contradictory.

First, no one can decide for us whether this or that career is fair for everyone, it's a personal decision for which we should not only be informed but also properly motivated.

In this space, I limit myself to show some ideas on which should reflect every young person who’s seriously considering to choose Psychology.

Psychology is a beautiful career, it allows us improve our relations with the environment and ourselves. No doubt, once we started, our world will not be the same anymore. But you need to know some details in advance:

- The psychology degree doesn’t act as a psychotherapy session, if you want to study it to eliminate your own problems you’d better forget it. To the psychologist, whether a specialist in marketing or Psychopedagogy, will always go people with difficulties and serious problems, which cause immense wear if we don’t have the psychological balance needed to confront and handle them.

- If you want to make money immediately or get a huge profit from this work, forget it too, unless we have the rare fortune to get a safe and well-paid position hardly left of the university. Usually the best choice is the private sector, but also in this area there is a lot of competition, so often the psychologist must be creative enough to invent their own business and niche. But of course, once you're established and, if you love the profession, the work is very rewarding and dignifying.

- If you want to enter the School of Psychology because you think is an easy career, that can be achived without too much study, you're wrong! Psychology, as a young science and under construction, demands a rather high power of integration and creativity. Achive the graduation by studying a little, it may be possible, but be a good professional following this perspective is impossible!

- Moreover, today many psychologists are pursuing postgraduate studies, which means that to be in the market, probably with the basic 5 years you just started the profession and should invest more time, money and effort in a Master.

Like any profession, also Psychology has its pros and cons. But I think there is nothing more beautiful than to be able to help people and see on their faces the recognition of your work and their appreciation. So...

To those who decided: Good journey through the world of the Psyche!


Keep feeding your neurons

Study psychology
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