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Living with depression: seven tips

Depression is one of the most damaging diseases or feelings existing. Quietly and gradually it will be taking over the person quitting first the desire to have fun, then the flavor of things previously enjoyed and ends taking away the meaning of life at the point that many think about committing suicide because can’t see another feasible solution.

Getting out of the deep pit of depression is not easy, it is advisable to be fully alert and fight depression just when it occurs. To recognize the main symptoms of depression you can have a look at the article "depressive symptoms."

But ... what to do when depression tries to take over our desires?

1. Do more physical activity. When we are depressed our movements become slower, we talk slower and it is as if our life moves in slow motion. These body movements are recorded by the brain, and this simply reinforces depression. Thus, physical activity may help break this vicious circle.

When we exercise we feel physically toned, more alert and energetic, which will help eliminate the feeling of stagnation and immobility that comes along with depression.

Whether the amount of exercise you can do is little, what really matters is the activation and effort required by physical activity itself.

2. Socialize. Depression tends to push us toward isolation, we are not interested to talk to anyone or do anything. However, when we’re depressed loneliness is a very bad companion. So, go for a walk; visiting that friend you haven’t seen in months or meeting new people are activities that will always improve your mood.

3. Avoid depressive topics. Many people continually talk about the issues that led them into depression, and this is perfectly normal, because these topics becomes their main concern. Communicating what you feel is positive, but there is no way out of depression if we spend all day dealing with stressful and depressing arguments. Set limits on your conversation and try to introduce topics that you find attractive, motivating and cheerful. Initially you may not notice the effects, but gradually you could even find yourself smiling and put aside the concerns.

4. Expose yourself to sunlight. Being stuck at home can only produce a negative mood. The reason why it is imperative to take sun is very simple: UV rays increase the production of serotonin, a neurotransmitter associated with the feeling of wellbeing that helps counteract the effects of depression.

5. Find a hobby. Often, it happens that we feel passion for something that we never had the occasion to do. Nothing’s better to develop this particular hobby to fight depression. Keep your mind active, thinking and planning tasks that produce pleasure is an excellent medicine for depression.

6. Enjoy the music. Usually, it is enough to me listening to some good music and, for magic, depression vanishes. Give yourself time to live and truly enjoy the musical notes. The therapeutic effects of music are well known and this is one of the preferred therapies to deal with depression and anxiety.
7. Decide to overcome depression. If we assume these advices as "positive ideas that will not work in my case" then its effectiveness will be drastically reduced. Depression is something against which you can consciously fight, a feeling to which can be told "NO". Being happy is a choice, but is also our duty.

So, take this phrase as a standard, I do not remember who it belongs to but it holds a deep knowing: "falling is allowed, getting up is mandatory."


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Living with depression: seven tips

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